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Primary school Loče is situated in a beautiful valley of the Dravinja river. Loče is a small town in the north-eastern part of Slovenia. Our school has 300 students that come from Loče and the villages nearby and more than 30 teachers that are trying to create a friendly and motivating learning environment. Our school has two subsidiary schools. They are situated in Žiče and in Sveti Jernej. Every year we organise a Christmas fair where students get a chance to present their little works of art to the local community. The first week in October we celebrate Children’s Week. Every year we organise Relaxation workshops where children can enjoy in creating and discovering new things. There are more than 15 workshops and children can join the one they like the best. Our students like learning languages. The students of German visited dinosaurs in Styrassic park (Austria) last year. Our school has been a member of international Eco-Schools project for more than 8 years. Step by step, we are trying to improve our environment. We collect old paper, printing cartridges, old mobile phones and batteries. We know that waste materials can be used again. Last year we collected 30 tons of paper and saved many trees. Our school also takes part in Armal’s Water Fund, a project that provides schools with new water taps that filter drinking water. We prepared several activities about the importance of water.